Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm..myself again

Did you heard of having more than you wanted?
So that you couldn't want anything else.
It seems like we're searching something to satisfy us,
and never found it.

Do you ever just sit down and think
how much an impact you've had on people?

Everyone leaves eventually,
carrying on with their lifes.

Finding someone who can connect with you
is like finding the perfect outfit.
You put your expectations unrealisticably high,
until you fell and broke yourselves.

The wounds had been opened forever and now,
with ghosts in the walls every night.
I'm wearing a smile that I don't believe in,
inside I feel like screaming.

Things changed for a reason.
It's going to be hard,
it's going to be lonely,
but we'll have to hold on.
Don't expect other's would understand,
and explanations won't work.
It doesn't work that way.

For those who is lucky enough,
may you find happiness,
may all your hopes turn out right,
may you find warmth in the middle of the night.

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