Wednesday, June 27, 2012

☜♡☞JuNє яHasphoDy#2 ☜♡☞

Clock is ticking and 
there's so much to do,
but had been hanging out lately
with my housemates
for pizzas and sing K sessions
to release stress...

Everyday I would drop dead for a nap
after class,
I would get tired and sleepy very easily...
Is this a sign of aging?
Oh no...

I falled in love with this flowerish top lately,
it covers my flabby arms and concealed my tummy,
thumbs up for it .
Guess what?
I got it from a 50% sale.
Totally worth it.

The memory of my laptop is getting critical.
And I have to start reorganize
stuff in my lappie again.
Dumped a lot of shit into
the recycle bin.
Some of them get into this
cute Rilakkuma thumb drive...

But it's pity
to see his body being detached from its head....
I'm sorry poor thingy...

Below is a couple of images
that I caught a glimpse from Tumblr.
Just to share~

That's all for now~
Have a nice day my friends!

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