Friday, April 13, 2012

☜♡☞Jusт αи0тhєя blog post ☜♡☞April#3

My students,
it's time to bid farewell.
My practical officially ended yesterday.
Which arouses many memories
for the past few weeks.

I remembered going to the
school canteen for breakfast
everyday without a miss.
A variety food to choose
from vege lovers to meat eaters.
Will miss the food there for sure.

some of my students that participate
in English Action Song Competition.
They are so cute!

and this is the cutest of all!

there're always hungry times...
that's why I always prepare a lunchbox.

these little presents that student gave to me.
Thanks...Thanks and Thanks again.
I knew that I am still a new practical teacher,
sometimes I would be nervous during teaching
Thanks for approving me as your teacher
and be with me for this past few weeks.

I'll try to improve 
hoping that from the experience that 
I've gained this practical...
I won't make the same mistakes
again next time....

Due to the strategic location of our 
school location with TESCO,
I found it really convenient to shop
at TESCO or eat near ALORSTARMALL  areas
before heading back home!

shopping for groceries at TESCO,
always bumped into surprises
with valuable and cheap items.

I really would like to teach at school,
provided if 
I don't have to prepare my lesson plans everyday
rather than attending classes at college everyday.

I've to thank all
Keat Hwa (K) admin,teachers and staffs
for giving us a memorable stay.
Till the day we meet again.

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