Wednesday, April 4, 2012

☜♡☞Jusт αи0тhєя blog post ☜♡☞April#1

It's school holiday today,
I've decided to treat myself.
Cooked carbonara spirals for dinner today
white button mushrooms and bacon.
It's yummy!

Yesterday after class,
went to Popular bookstore and some bookstore
to spend my 1Malaysia book voucher.
I bought mainly stationaries and A4 paper.
It's a really blessful gift
as I really need many paper at the moment.
(Typical assignment and practical season)

After that 
we went to Auntie Kang's
for Baba and Nyonya Cuisine.
(Nyonya Sambal sotong,
Nyonya Sour Chicken 
and vege).

I've been using a software called
Sketchbook Designer 2012.
I still haven't quite know how to use it tho,
just manage to sketch some simple
images out of it.
I manage to kill time and sketch this one.
"Your Love Put Me On Top Of The World."

That's for the updates for
April's first blog post.
Aza Aza Fighting!!!

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