Thursday, March 29, 2012

☜♡☞Just another teaching practical post☜♡☞Mac#2

Another week passed,
my teaching practical was full of hassle
and endless sleepless nights.

I skipped many meals.
There were many times I know it's time 
for dinner,
but I can't as I afraid I can't finish my things for tomorrow.
I don't have time to do my own things at school,
have to run errands for school 
and lending a hand for teachers.

all these activities had filled empty slots of my time
at school.
And I get to know other teachers as well
when we work together.

I have to thanks Joanne for
"feeding" me this week.
Sometimes even longan jelly made my day.
Thanks Joanne!

Despite all those rush hours,
I need a time out from busy life...
Spend sometime to draw and sketch 
a couple of new art work~~~

I got a little free time at school.
And this is how my desk would normally look like.
Students exercise books here and there....
p/s:I need a smooth red pen!!!!

Now,I'm off to bed.
No alarms to wake me up tomorrow.
Do not disturb and
Good Nights.

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