Tuesday, March 13, 2012

☜♡☞Just another holiday post☜♡☞Mac#3

Sot FB today suddenly 
changed my FB profile into TIMELINE...
And I can't revert it!
Don't care what others say,
I find timeline inconvenient
and I don't like my post scattered on my wall.
I made my first timeline cover photo.
Just edit within 5 minutes and done!
Theme is Bear Eugyne and Totoro.

It's cold today.
I grabbed my bear suit and stay cosy in my room.
Yeahh....This is life!!!

One more thing...
Made puddings today just for fun.
It's edible!
One for me 
One for daddy
Another one for.....
my dog...hoho!!

P/s:I miss someone.....herm...><

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