Sunday, January 22, 2012

☜♡☞Just another food post☜♡☞

Yes,it's January 2012.
Same as the old days,
I've got a new semester to go thru.
Didn't have any special feelings....
didn't make any specific new year resolutions....
Just let it be....

Although two weeks had past in January,
there're lots of happenings...
unexpected ones....
I learnt of acceptance,tolerance....
My feelings are neutral
Sometimes I would feel helpless
and let is just happened...
I'm such a coward...

having great time with my friends
really made my day.
Just imagine the food,
those silly jokes....
*being nostalgic

Just tell me,
how can we live without food ehh???

Ultimate meat lover-Spring Leaf Cafe Alor Setar

Tom Yam-Rock Cafe Alor Setar

Yesterday is a gift.
Today is a present.
I hope tomorrow will be a better day
worth waking up for....

Happy Chinese New Year
Happy Holidays My Friends!

Eugyne Jie Ying

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