Tuesday, November 22, 2011

☜♡☞Lunch prepared by daddy☜♡☞

Grilled Bacon Chips
Vienna Sausage....

Dad prepared lunch for me today.
There're only the two of us,
occupying the house.

At the first minute,
I saw him picking up the tapioca 
that we harvest from our garden.

And the meal turns up to be....

Tapioca seasoned with salt!!!
I've been expecting that...
It's not the first time he did that....
but last time
my mom kindly refuses it.

If you've ate mashed potato before,
it's almost the same....
not too bad after all..

Then,I regretted I finished 
those bacon ships so quickly.
If not,
I'm gonna eat'em up with 
chunks of tapioca.......
Feels like I'm killing
dozen's of spongebobs...

The desserts part 
is the part I like the most!
I get a plum and tonnes of passion fruit!!!

Till dinner,
dad wants to get some
dog food at TESCO.
And we finally settled down
at Sushi King for dinner.

Mom and dad are like angels and devils.
Mom wants me to watch out my diet.
On the other hand,
dad brings me out to eat
and sometimes even go for supper.....

The above is just a small part.
My dad and I were big eaters.....

My dad noticed I blogged a lot.
He wants me take a photo
of everything we ate at Sushi King
and blogged about it.
I told him
I don't want to turn my blog
into a food diary...

He nodded,
add on a plate of Kurage and baby tako
after that.....

Eugyne Jie Ying

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