Wednesday, November 16, 2011

☜♡☞Just another exam post #3☜♡☞

Today we'll be struggling for the last paper for exam.
And I just found out that SPM students is sitting for their exams too.
Found out because they discussed about SPM history paper today.
Negaraku is being mentioned in one of the questions?

Sounds like moral and civic question to me.
But,there's always a reason why the question is being brought out.
We can't judge it.

V Peace V

And that's why I've been mistaken by some of my net friends
that I'm a SPM candidate too.
Boys and girls,
I'm too old for that already.

If I was given a chance,
I would choose to 
play harder during my secondary school years.

Exams are just measuring tools of accessments.
It won't determine who you are.
Don't be stressed up.

Tomorrow is my last paper---Music paper.
I just started to study it.
Damn nervous but what to do.
Guess I'll use my commen sense again.

Dinner for today is Green curry seafood ,claypot tofu
and kangkung belacan.
I've been dining outside for two days
with housemates.
My stomach is regardless
lucky to be well-fed.
money matters....
feed well
and your brain will work well.
     (MY THEORY)

Can't wait for tomorrow to come
to end this nightmare.

At that time,
I can finally shout:
"KAMPAR,I'm home..."

Eugyne Jie Ying

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