Monday, November 14, 2011

☜♡☞Just another exam post #2☜♡☞

This is basically how my hair looks like
these day when I'm at my crib.
With a big bun on top of your head
maybe it might give pressure to your brain
to provide substantial amount of pressure
to get you working .

In my case,
focus in exam
and stop day dreaming!

if you want to make your dreams 
come true.

The first thing you have to do

If I were to enjoy my holidays
without worrying to retake my paper.
I really need to be nailed to the chair.

Just 3 more papers to go YING,
after that you can flee home.

P/s:I purposely purchased an eraser just for exam.
But,it's still brand new after 2 days of exam...
Hmmmm...I wonder....

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