Friday, November 25, 2011

☜♡☞Japanese Model Make Up☜♡☞

There're a few boxes of
fashion magazines in my room.
My mom always hope that
one day she would bring them to the recycle centre.
Lucky me,
I manage to stop her everytime.

I bought 4 japanese fashion mag today.
They're translated into
mandarin and english of course.
S Cawaii

I've been reading japanese mag
since Form 4....
It had become my hobby
to collect those mag
even though we can't get
most of the item at Malaysia.

In addition,
we're in tropical country...
we won't get to wear warmers,
cute furry boots and cardigans
as often as they can.

I'm blogging and eating
at the same time.

There's something interesting
in this month issue.
I feel very surprised
when some of the famous
popteen model
reveals their face without make up.
Can you imagine that???
It requires a lot of courage.

The model that I like the most is
Shina Hikari
also known as


she is only 16 this year!!!

Well,blogger auto rotate my photo again.
But nevermind.
I snapped the photo from the magazine
and I never thought Hikari would
look like a girl-nextdoor-type .

But look below,
after all the effort
of make up.
She transformed.

Isn't she adorable.

You'll be amazed when you see
those step by step
make up tutorials
in the magazine......

If make up can make you
feel confidence and pretty,
just go on.
But make sure it is not overdo
and suits your personality~

P/S:I hope someone can teach me
how to make up......

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