Tuesday, November 29, 2011

☜♡☞Cooking Spaghetti/Spirals with Rice Cooker☜♡☞Tutorial specially for my brother.

Today's tutorial is dedicated to my
beloved brother that is at Kajang,
currently living at university hostel.
He somehow gain some interest
in cooking these days.
And I was thinking,
why not to share some of my
surviving hostel cooking tips with him.

The FIRST thing you'll need

Today's tutorial will be
creamy mushroom and tomato bolognese spirals.
I shopped all my ingredients from TESCO.
It's so convenient and hygenic.

Lee Kum Kee honey garlic sauce
Osyter sauce
Sesame Oil
Canned mushroom
Any brand of
creamy mushroom and tomato spaghetti  
chicken breast/chicken fillet
minced pork(non-halal)

Step 1
Cook spirals.
Add in 2tsp of salt into boiling water.
Drained it.
Put aside.

Step 2
Prepare all needed ingredients,
such as mushroom,chicken and minced pork.

Slice the mushroom.
Marinated chicken fillet and
minced pork
honey garlic sauce.

You may add in
osyter sauce and sesame oil
to marinate 
chicken fillet
and minced pork.

Step 3
Heat the oil with rice cooker.
Slightly fry ingredients before
pouring in spagheti sauce.

If you want to have both sauce .
Make sure you divide the ingredients proportions well.

Wait till the sauce boils.
Make sure the chicken fillet is well done.

Figure:Frying ingredient with rice cooker

Figure:A tin of sauce serves 4 person.

tomato bolognese sauce.

 Step 4:
Meal is served by
adding hot sauce 
on top of
(you may keep the sauce warm in 
the rice cooker)


My brother and me

All the best in your studies
and take care.
Mom,Dad and I
will be at your side always.
Love you.

Eugyne Jie Ying

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  1. haha... rice cooker indeed is the most useful cooking equipment for student in hostel. you can steamboat, cook porridge, fry egg, steam bun and etc... lolz XD
    those were the days at university~