Thursday, November 10, 2011

☜♡☞ღ ﻉAt -Dinner for him ღ ☜♡☞

Made this mango pudding for him.
But he couldn't finish it....

It's the end of my first day exam.
One done,four subjects to go.
Sad to say,those 4 subject are my worst nightmares.

I told myself that I won't do anything.
start studying like hell.
Like the world is gonna end.

90% part of me didn't
have that much determination to hold on to that pledge.
So,let's just forget about it.

Today's Technology in Education Paper
was like a crap of shit.
I did study last night.
Need to charge my brain tho.

For the first second in the exam hall.
I was busy discussing some questions
with my friends.

I kept writing and thinking about the answers
and complete the paper at the last minute.
My fingers never exercise that much before.

Pity me,
I was hungry during the exam.
And there's this lecturer eating behind me.
I had no idea what he/she's muching...

Confirmative I'm a easily distracted fella.
Bad Luck Today.
I decide to celebrate it
by cooking a simple dinner
because I think I'm gonna pass this subject.

Dinner for him:
Steamed herbs chicken with ham
ABC soup 

 I hate it when my photo ended up like this.
Why can't we rotate Blogger photos??
just because it's a Canon Image and I'm not using IE or mozilla fox....

Eugyne Jie Ying


  1. so sweet of u two. ;) jia you with ur remaining papers

  2. time finish your food...><!!!
    Lydia:hehe....thankz.same goes to you too.Have a nice day