Friday, October 7, 2011

☜♡☞No man is an island.☜♡☞

Eugyne's Camping Footage
at Kem Sri Banai
IPG Kampus Darulaman Red Cross Society

Camping took my 4 days and 3 nights away.
For that period,my life was loaded with uniform units talk,practicals,kitchen and night duty.
NO Facebook,NO internet,NO personal time.

Well,it's not too bad afterall because 
I was really surprised the spirit of teamwork were actually working in our group.
All along,I've noticed that lecturers didnt put high expectations on us.
I think they didn't even know we exist.
We're not as elite or outstanding like others.

But this time,
our hardwork pays off.
And I saw Tn.Haji Zainal's face was brightened and smiling brightly.
He is a very kind and thoughtful lecturer.
And he stands out for us too when other lecturers doubted us.

Very often we do things at the last minute,
such as,
we discussed and organized our station game the day before ,
we practice marching the day before the marching competition,
we practice our sketch for cultural night in 4 hours time before
performing right on stage in front of our institut director.

The X factor is...
we actually practice marching at a air-conditioned room....LOL

miracles did happen,
we did it.

(except for the marching part,
practice makes perfect,
what can you expect
 from a 3 hours of training for marching? )

We ranked 2nd 
among 5 groups of uniform units.
But all units are very competitive and
equally good.pheww*

The part that I hate the most is it happened to be rainy season when we're camping,
My camp was flooded,and my socks for the few days was soaked with tears of rain.

There are mixed feelings,good and bad.
The spirit of teamwork is what I treasure the most .
In union there's strength.

Eugyne Ying

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