Wednesday, October 12, 2011

☜♡☞Chillax Post☜♡☞

It's another day filled with awesomeness and full satisfaction
as we completed our Music Dalcroze eurythmics practical test.
Everyone perform very well and it doesn't seem to be a test at all.

Due to lacking of time to practice,
we had a few mistakes during perfomance.
Overall,I was proud of everyone and
especially my team mates for all their efforts.
Maybe someday our video will make it to Youtube.

Happy belated birthday to my music lecturer,
Puan Norhayati.
You've inspired and guide me a lot.
Hope you enjoy our class perfomance today.

p/s:some of my friends say that I resembles Chicken Little today.
I borrow the specs from a friend of mine and used it as a prop today.
In fact,I like so much .....and camwhoring with it too!!!

Chicken Little??

Eugyne Ying

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