Thursday, July 28, 2011

☜♡☞First Attempt-Stocking Dolls☜♡☞

There are many types of dolls and plushies
you can get on the market these days,
which is extremely attractive and interesting.
Most of those factory dolls have
similar designs with slightest modifications.

standard machinery method is used to
manufacture those plushies.
Unlike hand-made dolls,
it requires lots of
affection and perseverance.

I learnt to make my very first
stocking doll .
Thousand thanks and hugs to Bibi
that inspires me the most.

At the very beginning,
I didn't seem to have any interest in it.
But,maybe,as I say,
it's because there's hidden beauty and affection
in hand-made dolls.
It's the way how you appreciate the effort 
of the very person that sew that doll.
Eugyne Ying

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