Saturday, June 25, 2011

☜♡☞Weekend Post☜♡☞


Trying out the new cardigan and
one piece after shopping yesterday.

Time flee past,

especially during happy and thrilling times.
After spent more than 12 hours at Alor Setar yesterday,
I found myself sore throat and exhausted today.

Shopping and KTV is always the
all-time girls favourite thing to do.

It's the first time ever when both of my friend
help me to wear and tied up a boots
for me to fit in.
I was so touched....

My White babes.....
I've always wanted this kind of boots.

You know,
at that moment...
I feel like crying....

They're like the angels being send to me,
taking care of me.

I can't bear to recall those painful memories
that I've hurt them so much.

I have to cherish the moments now.

I have to be grateful that
we have move on.

I am glad that we're still friends...

Eugyne Ying

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