Wednesday, June 8, 2011

☜♡☞Just another holiday post☜♡☞

It had been a wholesome and memorable week for me.
For the first time I went to Penang on my own.
And I can't believe daddy  didn't have much opinion on that.

Well,the main reason for that must be:

  • I am attending a wedding dinner
  • And I am knew both the bride and the groom's family
  • probably---I am a grown -up!

There are lots of photo-tagging stuff going on at my FB.

But I'm still going to share some of the photo's during the wedding here.

I made some changes to my blog recently.
I had deleted some html codes , sidebars and change the template too.

Time to take a nap.
Few days of travelling really made me exhausted.
Rest well today and  meet my friend tomorrow!!!
Good Night!Oyasumi!

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