Monday, June 20, 2011

☜♡☞Class Food Feast☜♡☞

New semester is here
and there ain't no rush in everything yet.
There are just a couple of events being taken place
for the next few days such as annual sports event
and the retirement of our "pengarah."

That's why I can carry on my sedentary lifestyle
till the end of the week.

my curls didn’t seem right...sob

By the way,
I'm struggling to wake up early
to get my curls done.
Why it always seem so hard
to maintain a nice hairstyle....
I am very frustrated of the
condition of my hair-do ever since
I took a digital -perm.
I still need to sharpen my skills tho.

classmates and I threw out a food party.
Everyone took part to make this event a success.
I had a blast and I still remember those jokes
that would burst me to laughter......

let the party begins~!!!!
I was so surprised.
There were so many dishes
that I can't mention each here.
Some of my friends claimed
that they can't cook....
But the food was damn nice!
I wished I had a bigger appetite yesterday!

bashmati butter rice
I love it when it is eaten with
"sambal" anchiovies and fried wantan.

This is really crispy .
I think I ate most of it.LOL.

This is potato-egg-brocoli mayo salad.
Best served when chilled.
I even took some for breakfast today.
One of my fav food of the day.

Gravy-Dim Sum

Time to bed!
Good night~

With Love,
Eugyne Ying

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