Monday, May 30, 2011

☜♡☞Just another holiday post☜♡☞

For a second,
I thought this semester break would be as boring as ever.
Me ,lying on the couch , crunching potato chips ,
slept and snore in front of the TV just like dad.....

I was wrong!!!!

I have to start packing my things now.
I think I won't be at home for the entire week....

Let me share some of my belongings photo,
and let's see what's funny or weird about it...
Oh no......Tendency to like red???????
I bought this because it' red....

Struggling between
a straight look
and a wavy curvy look

I  am going to change my hairstyle today.
Wasn't quite sure whether I would go for
a fresh straight-look or a lady-like wavy curls...
I need to consult my hairdresser........

*so nervous right now

Eugyne Ying 

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