Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just another blog post

Hi , people I am back.....(for now)
Time is running late and
I have to catch up with my studies.
time for exam is ticking...
According to some rumors,
it says today is actually DOOM day?
I am still sitting right here.

I like to curl my hair up recently.
Maybe I should perm it someday?

my friends are dying to try to convince me
to get my fashion and beauty senses back.
There are many reasons for that,
one of them are they are bored of me
wearing oversize,big -Tee's,loose jeans....
What a perfect AUNTY look!!!

No way.
I'm not going to let that
happen to me again.

I start up with changing my hair styles.
I stocked up many hair accessories.
My friends really triggered my urge for shopping...
This is what I have done for this two weeks.....

(Claiming that this is not an online shopping website,
all items are not for sale........kaka)

Flowery ^^


Oooo....Leopard prints

Simple ribbon hair band^^

Large fella....><
Shoppinf items of the day...^^
Target Achieved, high satisfaction!

Rewarding myself and housemates
a macaroni cheese served with omelette
and mixed vege as breakfast

Yay,this is it for the day!
Good Luck and All the best in exams for IPDARIANS..

Eugyne Ying


  1. Jia you and all the best in ur exams!

  2. Btw jie ying, my current blog link is The old one is no more in service. ; )

  3. thanks dear......^^ I will follow your new bloggie...thanks for informing o!