Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beep~Beep....Hola-Hola Days

--------It's Holiday -----------

I am supa thrilled,supa energertic to start my blog post.
My mom and brother had been to pursue their studies,
which means leaving me and dad at home.

Well,we admitted we are lonely.
PLus,my dad can't stand me watching anime's and TVB drama's whole day.
And this is why.......we went for shopping at Jusco today.

I met a lot of people today at the mall.
From seniors to fellow schoolmates.
Michelle,Cheah Eu,Khew,Wai Ling,Yoke yuk ...

Loading the cart with snacks and drinks.

Dinner for dad and me....poor fella's
I miss mom cooking

I bought this snack because it's cute...ROFL

It says"Only the last two packets are available,
why don't you buy it?!!!!"


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