Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm still alive!

Curled my hair myself....temporary^^

As a future teacher,I need to know some of the learning methods to
enchance a child's learning.
This is one way that is introduced by my lecturer.
"Rainbow"method to help children to write chinese characters.
I have been experimenting with it.
It's quite fun^^
But my handwriting sucks!!!

My fav dish-Herbs Chicken

Well,many have been asking...
where are you?
where have you been?
I thought you just disappear...

I kind of abandon my facebook,msn,twitter etc.
Life is always busy and I am Lazy.
I am into Ameba Pigg ,a japanese virtual online game,
which accompanies me a quite number of sleepless nights.

Recently,I found some changes in me,and its positive!
My mood is bursting high and some how I manage to control my emotional breakups.

I learnt many from my foolish acts,how childish am I those days,keep running
into troubles that makes me a perfect trouble-maker!

I am being very self-reflective these days.
I reflect on what I do and how would others feel when I do so.
I don't want to hurt others feeling .
I hope I would be more mature in handling things and siuations,
I will take my mom and dad's advice more seriously now.