Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Family Chillin'Out before Chinese New Year

It was a sudden decision made by daddy
to had a trip to Genting Highlands.
I remembered the first second he was just kidding 
about the cool weather at the highlands.
Then,he said that we were going there the very next day.
I was so surprise!

Plus,we will be staying at Resort Hotel,
not First World that we usually choose to stay.
Well,we realy pack in a rush.
I recalled how I dump my clothes and
ransacked my room to find my sweater.


At the end of the day,
I forgot to bring along my long pants/jeans there.
Forcing me to wear skirts at such icy chill place.
I would say NO to last minute trip!!NO NO!!

Shivering non -stop

Hotel Lobby---Rainbow Ceiling

Chinese New Year of Rabbit 2011!!!

Watched a show with a combination
of magic show,china acrobats,glitz dancers
and sand animation drawing

Random Shot with YJ inside the lift 

Another chinese new year deco---Phoenix

Had our dinner at Resort Cafe Kampong

YJ and I made our very own ice kacang/红豆冰

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