Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Doll House,I'm so freakin happy!

You won't imagine how excited I am.
I bought this Leila's doll house from online shopping,
I was amused by the good condition of the doll house
when I first unpacked it from the huge delivery box.

This is the first doll house I buy for myself.

Well,this is one of my childhood dreams.
Leila is an Asian,which unlike Barbie .
She looks really sweet and fairer than Barbie.
I've tonnes of Barbie and baby Kelly but I would never be satisfy.
My mom is still helping me to add on my doll collections.

Speaking of this doll,Leila,
I like her anime-like eyes the most.
You'll know how different she is by scrolling down this post.
Enjoy !!
(I'm going to declare that I'm not a kid)


(Leila's arms and legs can are flexible)

Shower Time^^
Press the white knob and you'll have water spraying out.

Huge box


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