Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Diary Oh Diary Post(Weekend Post)

It's another weekend.
How glad am I when I finished ironing my formal wears.
Sitting here blogging before heading straight to bed.
It's been a fruiful week.
Next week will be a week that I am looking forward to.
Ann and I will be planning a shopping trip.
Outing with Ann...How fun !!

Pkok sew me some art crafts.
They are cute and the moment he posted
those photo's of his creations on facebook,
I fell in love with them.
Today when I had lunch with him,
he gifted me a hand craft cake with my name sewn on it!!
So sweet^^

seems like a biscuit at this angle

Strawberry with choc stick cake

A talented person that has a passion
to accomplish anything he wants.
Plus,he always succeeds^^

My name JY ...^^
Listening to Brick by Boring Brick-Paramore^^

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