Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Diary Oh Diary Post ( Weekday Post)

Obviously,I need to keep blogging.
I didn't know some of my friend enjoy viewing my blog
until recently they ask me why I didn't update it anymore.
I was so glad to hear that !

Yay!I bought a new keyboard
and it's right beside me now.
I can play my favourite song piece-"Yiruma's
River Flows In you "with it.
I need to catch up with my music theories!

My baby !

Chillin'out at Rock Cafe till late night

Four seasons ice-cream

Personally,I recommend this.
Hot Peppermint ice-cream.
Hazelnuts topping on fresh cream.
Slices of bananas inside
served with chilled peppermint ice-cream.
Steamboat Party
It's too spicy for me but I really like
the Tom Yam Spicy soup base.
I sweat all along !

Yung Jie's Countdown Birthday Galore!
I like Yung Jie's this photo---Duck!!!!



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