Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sayonara Holidayz_Ying's 2010 final rhaspody^^

Within 72 hours I'll have to bid farewell to my holidays,
no regrets,no grief,no tears!
Well,there's nothing like home~

Looking past ,memories flashed back,
there are good and bad times,
but I've get through them anyway,
though some of it were really harsh.
Mistakes and problems are my friends.
I'll make it thru.Ganbateh^^

Had a really exciting times for the past few weeks.

Here's some photo's to share^____^

Cheese Bro^^


We killed some cakes at Secret Recipe...
I love my Strawberry Marshmallow Cheese cake!

Baked Cheese Spagetti with red sauce^^

Dating with Ping Ping^^

I've post several videos to Youtube 
and I'm getting viewers everyday.
Hope to post the next video very soon!
You may also have a look at the link by clicking 
my video photo at the right of my bloggie^^

With Love,

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