Monday, December 20, 2010

Ring Ding Dong ^____^

I had been easy distracted recently.
Everytime I was thinking about keeping this blog alive,
but it's still as dead as before.
Well,here I am.*clap*

Yesterday I had my second attempt to make Yeong Tofu,
it's not bad actually.
Plus,you can add as much fish paste and stuff it
 whatever Tofu,bittergourd etc you want.
I hate it when you go to the hawker stall where
all the yeong tofu seems stuffy and huge.
The prob is they always make it seems big 
but the fact that with little fish paste .

I promise to share my youtube tutorial video here:
give it a click maybe??
Making a baby octopus^^
Making a rice cake pudding angel ^^

By the way,I bid farewell to my Panasonic Lumix camera
as my brother would be the new owner .
Say Hello to my Canon Ixus 105,christmas present from mom^^
Mom ask me to choose whether to have those DSLR .
But I don't want to use those high tech camera,
so a multi-function and price savvy one can do.

Last Saturday is the family outing day for shopping.
Brother and I were so lucky as year end sale is
always our family fav.

Saturday at Jusco means no plastic day for the sake 
of environment conservation.
We bought 20 over garments all together ,
making three huge bags like a mini Santa Claus.
I finally complete my shopping list of the year
for I cancel two off-shoulder top from the list.

Early Christmas wishes here,
May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace.
The gladness of Christmas give you hope.
AND The warmth of Christmas grant you love.


  1. wow, mei mei, i felt like want to have yong tofu now... XD
    saliva drooling....

  2. ^^ yeong tofu really easy to make ~you can get the ready made fish paste at the you wont need to blend the fish paste yourself ady^^so convenient^^