Tuesday, November 16, 2010

V3 !!! Holiday mode 0N !! Ding Ding !!

Holala !! Exam's over

I went to Langkawi , again .
Since my second semester I've made frequent visit there .
Don't ask why.I still have some secret to keep.shh.....

After heading back to my hostel,
I spent two hours something to do my PE revision.
Then I went straight to the exam hall
without feeling guilty at all.Duh !!!

my friends say I looked like a walking zombie that day,
did I ?

At the last day,I cleared up all my things at the hostel room.
Guess what?I'm moving to my new rental house next year!
More freedom!!Yipeee......
Then,I went to my sissy,Li Yan's house to spend a nite there.
This was her last semester so this would be last time
to chill out with her.
We watched drama together (HK drama-女人最痛)
and had char kuey tiao as supper.
She really takes care of me and being nice to me all along.
I will miss you Li Yan,Mira,Ke Xiu 
and all the super seniors!!!

I'm officially back to Kampar today.
Thanks daddy for fetching me way from Jitra .
3 Hours drive is something that I still cant manage.
Daddy,I salute you !

The Reasons I like Kampar and my home
p/s: many commented that kampar is such  a boring place,no entertainment...bla bla bla

  1. The food!!!!
  2. The people
  3. My friends(Even we have Facebook)
  4. Minat , Target,Tesco !!!
  5. Utar and Ktar
  6. Cafes
  7. Westlake
  8. Because I just love them!

 pictures to share

Steamboat and Strawberries galore^^
Making cendol ingredient's in process.
This handmade "Santan"Peeling tool belongs to Pkok's grandma.
Long family history.......
First time using it but I'm pro already^^
Woa,this was embarrasing.
Packing my room stuff at the hostel.
I'm movin out!Get outta here...Boo...

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