Monday, November 8, 2010

Quickie Quickie Update

Countdown two more days it will be my second paper on Chinese Studies .
I'm quite nervous because there are too many things to study.
Every point seems important.How am I gonna stuck'em in my mind.
Well, at least I've tried my best to revision.......

It was so sweet of mom calling me these few days (rapidly).
She was just too worrying bout me.
"Mom,everything is ok.The flood had receeded.I won't stay lepak outside.
I'll study hard.I will I will."She seemed to relief a bit.
That keeps my phone peace and quiet for several hours before
she calls me again.Asking those same old questions.Soooo CUTE!!!

Chinese hawkers stalls are still closed at the moment.
Guess they're still cleaning and fixing things up.
To settle down my dinner , we have to go to those mamak stalls or roadside stalls .
I don't mind actually if the food is nice.
I just fall in love with Laksa and the Mihun Sup.
What's the name of the stall???
I don't remember they have one.Haha.....

My FB online store is finally established !! Below are the order list I get yesterday .
Really thanks for my friends that support us.
Abree  - STAYREAL 拟真风 相机肩带(浪漫逃亡) TEE white L size - RM 25
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                stayreal 五月天 T恤 疯狂车手 x 2 Black 1 White 1 L size - RM 50
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Siao  -suzuki铃木正品study-24 24孔复音口琴 - RM 35
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Cici  - 4GU盘时尚Hello Kitty足量卡通U盘 pink - RM 50
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Sharing of Photos
 Yesterday after having our dinner , Alice , Ming and I bought these.......
Sleep like a princess at night.....

With Love,

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  1. congrat!

    what a pretty sleeping gown.. i hope i cn get 1 too.

    well, good luck in your exam.