Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Flood @ Jitra.....I'm going no where right now...

Flood Here and There

post office

Herd of cows....
This is the video I downloaded from Facebook.
Showing some images of the flood.
Had you heard about the Jitra flood recently?
This is the first time since I witnessed a flood.
The rain had been downpouring for 4days 3 night,which has caused
a severe flood to struck Pekan Jitra and nearby areas on 2nd November 2010.
The day before the flood.I was still having my dinner at Jitra's hawker stall.
My friend and I were very surprised that some of the vendors are busy loading their belongings
to their vehichles . They warned us about the coming flood .
Yet,we are still new to the town and we didn't see any indication of an emerging flood .
The second senario was when headed to the supermarket.
Tonnes of locals were loading groceries .
The next day , the flood hit.
For the first time,I feel so unconvenient and so helpless .
I saw people evacading,lost their homes,their homes,their belongings....
I feel their grief and sorrow....I donated some of my clothes and towels
In addition , it 's my study week this week and I'm stucked at my hostel.
Luckily,I'm safe here as the grounds are pretty high.
Main access to places was blocked.We cant access the federal roads and the high-ways..
The flood is still rising...If it keeps on raining,I can't imagine what would happen next...
Digi services are down and I can't contact my parents.
Electricity and water supply will be cut off this afternoon.
How am I suppose to study for my finals?
I will pray hard...pray that the flood would receed...
people going back to their homes..everything gets back to normal...
back to the place I used to be....
Sad SAD Day,


  1. oh dear...take care

  2. dik...tabahkan hati...tuhan sentiasa bersama kite

  3. thanks all.
    Xiao Bei : yup...luckily it didn't flood my campus area...but it was quite a saddening scene when i go and see the flood areas....