Monday, November 22, 2010

The Kitchen is mine today^^Imma Cooking Mama...

Mom's will be away for a month to pursue her studies
since yesterday.
So there is only three of us in the house.
Me+Bro+Dad !
So dad woke us up in the morning to have breakfast together.
Brother is going to seat for SPM tomorrow.
All the best dude !I'll take good care of your lappie.

I get the ingredients at the market and I've already
figure it out what's for dinner.As for lunch,we settled down with
some sushi and omelette.We never took lunch seriously at home.
Countdown for dinner after that
Many people thought I can't cook .
But don't judge me at the first sight .
I like to stew soup and cook .
At least I am good at something .

^^ Kitchen ^^
Water Cress Soup
Ingredients Checklist
  1. Water Cress
  2. Pork Ribs
  3. Chicken's feet ( Remove the toes )*bout RM2.00 is enough
  4. Red Dates
  5. Gou Ji
  6. Salt for seasoning 

  1.  When it starts to boil , put in the dates,gou ji,pork ribs and chicken feet .(I had run those meat with boiled water to remove some leftover blood on the chicken feet and pork ribs )
  2. Turn the heat to low and let it boil for a while.
  3. Put the water cress .(Adjust the time as some ppl might like them slightly cooked while I like to have them overcooked until it softens )
  4. Done.Ready to serve !!

Kerabu Chicken Feet(Home-made Recipe )
Kerabu Chicken Feet ( Pkok's Mom's Homemade recipe )
This photo might seemed a lil'irritating.
If it causes any trouble to you ,
I owe you a thousands apologizes...My Bad !!
Steps are as below.

  1. Chicken Feet
  2. Onion
  3. Lime
  4. Garlic
  5. Sesame Oil
  6. Salt
Let's Begin
  1. Boil those chicken feet .(Not too overcooked)
  2. Refresh them with cold water or just water .
  3. Prepare a knife or tools to start peeling off the skin from the feet.(Make sure you have remove the toes)*It's disgusting...I know
  4. My way,I removed those starting from the shanks then only the toes.(may varies depending how good your skills are)*It's supa tiring!
  5. Then after you finish all those peeling stuff , start chopping some onion and garlic .
  6. Mix those chicken feet with onion  and garlic,seasoned them with sesame oil ,lime and salt.(you can always alter a bit to suit different tastes you want)
  7. Prepare a container and put it inside a fridge.
  8. Served best when chilled.(It's really crunchy and delicious !! )

Looking into today's post
It's just like a cooking tutorial.
The first one in my bloggie^^
I'll keep the passion and keep exploring for some new recipes^^
For these,credits to my mom and Pkok's mom^^

HaPpy Day,