Friday, November 26, 2010

Another day in the holidayz

Second week of holiday yo!!
I  felt so pity for my bro as he is currently sitting for SPM.

But think again,he is way luckier than me.
I do all the housechores while his duty is just sit there and revision whole day.
That's something that amazed me !
I don't like the way you being so serious.

And I'm so boring at home,
I can't even take him to MC D.
Dad would be mad because
 he wants bro to get the most nutritious meals
 for the sake of SPM exams !
So that means we can have tonnes of MC D and Pizza after that?

Dad was so freak out when he found out my evil plans
to bring my bro to Mc D.
The next morning he woke up earlier than anyone else.
This fella!
He cooked for us----Seafood Fried Rice^^
Okay Dad,we had a tie !


The Seafod Fried Rice.Actually not bad !
And daddy's famous soup---salted vege and tofu soup!
I eat those preserved vege finally though I really hate it when I am still a kid.

When I watch TV,i grab some onion and garlic to peel them
 so that can made use of them when he wants to cook.
I have no problems with the garlic.
But does anyone know is there a better way to peel onions?
I peel them in water but I think it is a stupid idea!

My friend is working at the mall.
Yesterday I bought this from her.
Since I've not wear heavy colours before....
Gave it a try this time^^


  1. 首先祝你假期快乐哦~~

  2. O(∩_∩)O哈哈~,放假呆在家里的感觉真的很爽…………!