Monday, October 4, 2010

One done...Another comes^^Strive for it!

The fields
Manage to keep my skin fair
( forget to apply sunblock today)
First PE test in the hall

It's been a hectic week
like I never had a weekend before
I remembered I had my replacement class on Saturday
Friday I was busy preparing the final touches of my assignments

Then , the long awaiting P.E (Physical Education)test fall on Sunday.
I was so glad that I've been practising it because there was 20 basic movements
to be completed.But I hate it when I had to wait for my turn.
It's kind of frustrating coz my turn was always the last.(My sir name --"Y")

When the test began,you may see the first few ones was performing,
fulled with enthusiasm.
Generally as time passed , the tense and stress started to form an atmosphere,
making me getting more and more nervous.I hate this kind of feeling.
I wanna tell everyone that being the last turn doesnt mean that
you're are loser.

Since I'm in Kindergarden,
I'm being used to have the last turn .
When you're last,you'll get the least attention .
This is the way I grown-up.
I only get my attention when I'm at home ( Small family~Peace^^)

So,who cares about cheering for you.
People only cares when you'll finish.
They'll only cares wHen this PE crap thing will end .
They're wondering what they would do to celebrate.
Hence , I took my time dragging their time to complete my test
when it's my TURN.(Fair right?)
The second PE test took place on today.
I'm so glad classmates from other classes had make things
easy for us.Thanks everyone!
We played a total of 8 games along with
each respective presentation and briefing before the game play .
The weather was at our side ( Skin was not so tanned after all)

Now,I'm super duper worn out.
Gonna had my nappie soon.
That's all for update.

Aza Aza Fighting,

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