Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Diary oh Diary Post ( Assignment mode )

Oh gosh,I hate assignments keep delaying due date.
Makes me tend to have the excuse to catch up with my korean drama .
See , the lazy harmones starting to take over me once again.
Not a good sign.......

oooya.....Etude House's new four-flavoured mask....so adorable^^

Celebrated PY's bday few days ago
Considering for the urge to have another hangout spot instead of the normal kfc , pizza hut , spring leaf and secret recipe...
This time we went to Rock Cafe , whick took us 30 minutes to get there from our hostel.
Lucky me, I let pkok drove my car and enjoying to be a passenger....
(escaping from assignments again )
Rock Cafe( deco really full of rocks,nice interior)

The food and beverages there still need to do some improvement..
and the menu's made me dissappointed
such a classy environment but with such lame menu design ...come on...

Anyway , I'll pray hard to stay focus to complete my tasks
Fall sick ady and sore throat ....ewww...
that's all for update....ciao

Aza Aza Fighting,

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