Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Diary Oh Diary Post(Holiday Post)

Lanterns walk at hostel
My birthday celebration with family at Teluk Intan 9.9.2010
Birthday celebration with my babes at Ipoh

I know it has been long and my blog is dead for almost a month
First of all , I just return to my hostel after a three weeks long holiday
You can't say that was holiday because I was still doing assignments that period
But I feel great to be at home
as if the fridge and sofa are ther just for me....

I enjoy having breakfast and afternoon with my grandpa
He really know to cook
I should be ashamed
Normally , my family and I will settled down for dinner by going to restaurants and hawker stalls.
There,you can taste different kinds of dishes and food everyday at Kampar.
That's one of the reasons why I like Kampar , My HOME....

Now,back at hostel.
I going to hit the assignments due date soon .
Pray hard that I can finish them in time and
prepare for my tests soon.....(nervous)

Yesterday , I get to have a walk with friends with lanterns.
Guess what?It's mid - autumn festival.
It's been two years I didn't celebrate with my family.
So , we did it at hostel . Our STYLE,yo!

Till then ,
wish you guys HaPpy Mid -Autumn Festival

Aza aza fighting,

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