Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekly Diary Oh Diary Post

Hey guess what? I'm writing my bloggie in English again...
it's nothing...just trying to practice my writing again..

Seriously,I think I am not putting the best in me for my degree...
I know i shouldn't fooling around ,stick to the table,homework,presentations etc
I am as playful as always though people thinks I am hardworking.
That's just not fair,I am as lazy as a slug.....I hate to compete,hitting deadlines....rawr

Stuff that I am up to recently.....teaching aids

Again,I went to Penang again.
This time---Class trip,we finally made it...
Maybe things didn't go very well
but at least I enjoyed myself.
P/s:I am having severe stomache until now after a week after that

Let's hit Red Box....^^

38 as it is 38.....haha

Seoul Garden for BBQ dinner....
(main cause of my upset stomach)
Taiwan Feng Qing for lunch...set meals..chunks of pork

with my besties--rainy and esther

Station One..
(uncooperative waitress)

Now, I'm gonna to tell sth bout my institute.
IPG Darulaman Campus should be proud as
we managed to swipe away Victoria's Institution
record on Malaysia Book of Record-----The Biggest Teachers' Day Greeting Card
of 30x15 m with 1200 mounting boards and cost rm 9000++

Everyone in the campus had pulled out a great success in to get this done
I felt lucky to have witnessed that.
Let see how the record would be break again in years to come...^^

Oh ya
Did I mention that I bought Twilight series-----Breaking Dawn ?
I had finished reading 754pages in a week...
wonder what is taking me so long...
see....I'm kinda easily distracted..
Sleeping is my first priority of the day...hehe
This is the first time I was so determined and eagerly to finish reading a book
There,I bring it whenever I go....classrooms....fields....meetings...( not the wc)
Those thick pages didn't freak me off,not like Harry Potter's did.....
I'm glad it is a happy ending...everyone is safe...still bonded as a family,
with Carliste , Esme , Emmet , Rosalie , Jasper , Alice , Edward , Bella
and now with little Renesmee(Nessie) and Jacob around....yipeee

wating for the movie of Breaking Dawn 2011^^

With Love,

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