Friday, July 30, 2010

We are still masters of our fate. We are still captains of our souls.

Most often I wonder
For every semester,the same time,stuck in dilemma again.
I feel stupid,to be the way I am
Why I cant handle these matters though I know I will face it again?
Is it my problem?Is it I am so useless to let it happen again?
It has been a month,and I'm homesick.....and I'm tired of being here,alone
I cried alone,it took forever to wipe my tears away

Everyone is getting use of this life
but I'm still struggling
I hate your attitude as I hate mine
I'm not your mom,don't throw your tandrum on me
I'm not your mom,I won't take your responsibility.
I'm not your mom,don't ask me to appreciate you when you didn't do the same
I'm not your mom,don't ask me what to do as you already know what you can do
I'm not your mom,I can't pamper you like a baby
I'm a human ,I have feelings too.
We are grown-ups

You always act like you know everything
Action speaks louder than words,
if you're really that good,PROVE it to me!
Say anything you want to others
I don't know what they think of me
I don't care
Right,you are innocent,you are great,bla bla bla.......
Till then,
you are given the permission to spread my rumours to the others
since you are the good guy and I am always the evil Lord...
Please GO ON !
I am used to be treated as a mean girl anyway......

Life is nothing but a huge

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