Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just Another Day


My stupid alarm rang at 6 am and I ended up crawling up at 7.00 pm
But my roomie was still sleeping soundly......
It's a stuffy night as I found out I sweat alot during the whole night

Rush---Rush----Rush to the bathroom and
=.=" all was occupied !!
Gwarr....A bad start for my day.....

Luckily things got smoother after that when I manage to stay awake
during lectures----victorious laughter^^

Days passes by
But I don't think much have change
Exams are around the corner
What am I doing??
Restaurant City FB.....
Anyone lend me a hand?
I need ginger to hit level 10.....

Ying Ying ,
You better concentrate now.....
You have to focus now......
Everyone has started their engines....
Why are you still stuck at the beginning....

I hope I can stop giving myself lame excuses
and start to STUDY !!!!

Wish me luck ya!!!

Eugyne Ying

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