Monday, April 12, 2010

So-called Friends in my life(2)

Today is the second day and nothing changes
You are still hanging around with your gang of friends,as usual
The class scenerio was usual too
But I was the weirdo
I couldn't concentrate my studies
I didn't dare to even turn behind to look at you
Your voice and laughter and chit-chatting voice made me wanna cry
My friends say why I care so much
You are having your happy life and you should go on too
They say I shouldn't blame myself for what had happen as it had become a history
and it was a small matter why people were exaggerating it?
Okay, I admitted I triggered the sparks of the fight
but I was headshotted after that.
All my friends leave me.
I am lonely.
I am lonely.
I am lonely.
Is this hell?
I hope it is...
because I deserve it!
You sucks,Eugyne!
You stupid marmalade junk!

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