Sunday, April 11, 2010

So-called Friends in my life

let me tell u guys an incident
It is not necceasry to judge the situation it
I went to cinema with a,b and c, met d and e there
Due to something I mad at C
But then C didn't get mad , D and E did....
Then all kind of nightmares begin

I am really not scolding u two
Why u both think so?
Why the one I am scolding haven't get mad but u two does?
I know I had hurted you both
I don;t know that your heart is made of glass and mine is made up of stones
I am sorry and I mean it

My heart shattered I want u to know i have feelings too
Just an incident u put all our friendship memories away
Does our friendship worth this much
I know they stand up for u and i am a lonely soldier
I know i am die before i can do anything
Why am I begging for chance?

For two times I tried to seek u
U rejected me just like that
Does our friendship worth that much?

I called u 22 times with no answer
Does our friendship worth that much?

Do you even care your dear BF is desperating to explain to u?
Who is the one that is trying to escape from reality?
That I want to know

I am helpless
I don;t hope u will understand me
Coz u won't know how it feels to be like me
And of coz u wont like me too
I hate myself

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