Friday, April 16, 2010

Escape to Langkawi.....wakaka

It's had been so many times i 've been to Langkawi
but seriously I didn't even had walk in a travel agency before
and this was the first time I signed up for Island Hoping with Pkok .
The trip was to take a boat trip around 3 islands .There were people of different
nationalities that joined the trip woth us - People from India , Jordan , England and the locals .
-+drawed on the sand +-

Spent the first hour at the first island walking on the sandy beaches
Strolled along the seaside with my jeans as i forget to bring my bikini's
Even if I wear Bikini I am gonna wear T-shirt and shorts also ( Me=Fat fella )

After that , we went to the area that was famous for eagle-feeding.
The Boat stopped and the worker throw piles of chicken flesh into the sea,
within seconds you can caught sight of eagles of different colour and sizes,
diving down like bungee jump for the meat .

The second was the fish breeding place where we fed those pity hungry fishes.
The third one was the Dayang Bunting Island . I enjoy my catfish massage there.
Gone all my dead skin and my nails were polished too!Haha....
The whole journey and trip took about 4 hours .In conclusion, I found out that the main inhabitants on the island are MONKEYS !!!

My skin got tanned....Great!

After went for island hopping,
we went to chilled out at Satrbucks at Jetty Point.
My "signatured Hot Chocholate"^^ Too sweet and I had to add in hotwater somemore!

Besides , I got to dig for clamps and lala at the seashore near Pekan Kuah .
It was a unique experince as we were doing the traditional ( HARD ) way .
With a tool , you dig that tool into the sand .
Then , you make lines on the sand repeatedly until you heard a caracking sound.
This indicates you had hitted a clamp.So, what are you waiting for?
DIG it out~~~

Oh ya , be prepare to walk on muddy sand and dirted your feet!
Not a big deal for me after I tasted those fresh clamps ^^hehe...
I had enjoyed my days^^

With Love,
Eugyne Ying.

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