Friday, January 1, 2010

A QuicK Post

Fireworks during countdown really enlightened the new year
I captured some using my handphone
As you know
The quality was low and you can only see some sparks only....
but never mind~
This is my post~This is my territory!
So glad that at the last minute I get to meet with Jocelyn and
my old friends like Kar Yin~
It was a" win - win situation" for me~
because I can celebrate New Year with my family and friends as well

Daddy , Happy Birthday~
He seemed paisehh when we sang birthday song to him
when we were watching fireworks together~

I will be going back to Kedah very soon
My First Year of Degree in Education
I know it will be challenging and tough
I will try my best and appreciate what I am having now
May God bless All of Us!


  1. Happy New Year...
    New year new hope...
    bt my heart will be alway the same...
    Love u... >w<

  2. Happy new year to pkok too^^