Sunday, January 17, 2010

One of the most happy day in Ying's Life

This is the last day holiday of IPGM Kampus Darulaman
and I still recalled the happy times we girls at Alor Star last two days
Not to forget we throw ourselves mini parties and cook in our rooms .

At first , my heart didn't seems to feel like going to hangout that day.
All of a sudden ( I mean last 15 mins ) I quickly changed and rushed out
to the front gate with my friends to meet with our cute juniors.

I planned for a window shopping that day
because allowance is still off
But that is not the main point

I don't know why I had such a high energy level that day
We just keep crapping and playing around
Maybe this is just my lucky day
I am so glad

And then for the next two days we 'play masak-masak' at our hostel rooms
I get to stew my favourite seaweed soup and my BBQ chicken with royal honey sauce!
WooHoo....Not bad...It's really nice...mamamia

Photo Sharing Time

nice room is it?? So sweet.....


Bowling.....Ooo....I am noob...kaka

Fooling around at The Reject Shop

Honestly,This is kids wear we are trying...wahaha...shhh



Cherry Cherry Boom Boom In My TerritoryTODAY!!!


  1. u wear d skirt ,bcm more leng lui buy it mo?

  2. Ying TO 阿金 :没有买到呢~因为买了也不懂几时才能穿到~手臂再小些就好了!