Friday, January 29, 2010

My Sweet Escape

Do you know how boring and suffoacate is it in the hostel?
Tha same yellow concrete building over and over again~
Today I planned to wake up at 6am though i slept bout 2 am yesterday
I missed the alarm and woke up one hour later
I woke my roomate , GuGu ( Sook Yong ) up and we rushed to the laundry room
Haiz...Queing again...Because we wake up late

Then I suggested that we went to had brunch together
We asked Chibi ( Yi Chien ) out along with the two guys Piyo(ZH)and Pkok
After that , an internal flame inside me lure me to the Darulaman Heights Park
It was quite amazed that everyone agrees to go there

Although the the weather is very dry and hot
We managed to seek shelter under a big shady tree
This spot is perfect for our picnic plan next time

Dead Fish~

We played around like kids there
(There's no one around)
plus,who cares!!!hahahaha....

That's all for sharing today at My Territory~
It's cherry cherry boom BoOm!!

More photos sharing for today's event ,you may have a look at my FB album~^^

Love from Ying

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  1. I think you are should an energitic person....The snapshot of your photo look so natural and sweet....Ganbateh...Be happy because I want you to be happy