Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mood gets better

Tomorrow I will be going back to hell ,

The fact that I am forcing myself to accept

Yes , indeed , I am still a student

I shouldn't be worrying

But I am worrying about other things

Don't know why

The past still haunts me

That awful memory just won't fade

I am suffering and gasping for air when I am back to the campus

My negative thinking is hanging around with me

What to do

I am so hard to be understand

I think silence will be the best for me

I think if you all are happy I will be happy too

I will laugh inside my heart

I just can't find a reason to laugh in front all of you guys anymore

I feel that I am a stranger among you all

I am so tired

Please if you don't like me just tell me

At least I will stay away from you

I am very childish

and not deserves too be treated nice

I speak the truth but you find it unthoughtful and harsh

I will shut my mouth the

If in case you would like to find me

knock on my shell okay?

I'll crawl out....slowly

mum bought this mousse tiramisu for me in the afternoon.....

sure smooth things out a bit....

p/s: once again , I will be be crying in the middle of the night with my pillow!

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