Sunday, January 10, 2010

Drive to Alor Star n Anugerah Pengarah

Fooyoh~Black Black Black~~~

Firstly,today I got really excited during the
Perhimpunan Pagi Rasmi at Dewan Besar.
9 out of 15 of my classmates will going to receive the Anugerah Pengarah,
I am one of them too.
Actually all of them did very well last semester,
normally when one hit the pointer of 3.5,
the person will get the Anugerah .
This year the results was so overwhelming
so they raise the pointer to 3.75 .
I get 3.82 , quite out of my expectation.
Next time I hope I can be consistent in terms of academic.

Secondly,I drove to Alor Star for the first time in my life.
1.Soo May
4.Me ( The driver )

Thanks for giving me the confidence .

Is this Illegal??hehe....

Us with the Mac Dong Dong guy~

It's cherry cherry boom at Ying's Territory~Muacks!!!


  1. muack... congratulation.... >w<

  2. waaa..ur result so gud 1 geng d
    i jeolous la..wuwu..T.T

  3. From Jie Ying

    I have to admit i also dont believe this is actually my result....but quite thankful because at least what I study paid off....but....i hate what others will think....