Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yesterday night got function meeting about新春晚会,
Actually I am not the most VVIP commitee
I just go and 38 because I have idea to present
I am so glad my idea being accepted...
Generally I think I dare to drive at night jor~
Went back at hostel at almost 9.30 pm
Miss Judy left her files behind my car boot...
Now the files are still in my room!

The meeting...I am the photographer!

Recently I eventually become a vegetarian
Every morning I had a tiny packet of Munchy's Oat Crunch
You can hear my stomach grumbling when the class in on...
What to do....
I still need to know what am I allergy to...
As long as the source is not found...
I can only eat vege Vege and VeGe!!!

My lovely hand...haiz

The moment that I waited for is the recess !
At that time I had my brunch...
A whole pile of vege with white rice...
RM 2.50 I spent on my brunch almost everyday
Quite saving !

The weather is scorching hot
I think we can actually sunbath the IKAN MASIN here at my hostel compound
Due to presentation deadline
I have to go and met with Mr Lee , our IP lecturer to do some colaboration
Luckily we get some useful hints and points for our coming presention

After that...
I return to my hostel to have my long bath
Applied my“我的美丽日记-薰衣草奈米面膜”
I am satisfied!
At least I still have my fair skin!wahaha!

My fair skin!!

Tonight I am going to fellowship with college friend
Just want to go out and have some fun
Get some fresh hair~
Gotta go now~

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