Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Celebration

Just came back from Genting Highlands
Same as usual
It was the super peak season
Crowded people everywhere
And because of the rain
It get so chilled and freezing cold
Maybe because I was wearing skirt with thin legging
Celebrating xmas with my family
along with my buddies
Thomas , Caral and Pkok

We went to the outdoor theme park
God!The queue was so crazily long
Actually waste half day time to get a ride!Baaa!
Never mind~
Experience and Joy that matters~cheers!

me and bibi

We had a superb dinner at The First World Cafe
It was a buffet dinner
Japanese cuisine , Western's , Chinese 's etc...
I had baby octopus and sashimi and clamps...
Don't forget those lovely desserts!

This is the dessert section~very sweet display

This is my favourite with Tabasco sauce

Actually there are many more buffet dishes display~

The chef actually posed for my photo...haha

Speaking about my shopping spree
Due to I was constantly hanging out with my friends
I didn't get to shop till the next day
Mum and I went to shop
Our first stop is Padini So weird that I actually didn't hook on any of those
I tried a few but it was just not what i want
Later we stepped in to Renoma Paris
My eyes just can't resist that slim fit striped colar tees~
That's it!!
Mummy bought me the bag pack,beside is the two shirts that I mentioned.
finally,I get to buy one of this!

p/s: watched《刺陵》,but not as nice as I thought~ok ok only~haizz


  1. syok la u...can celebrate xmas at genting wif family n friend

  2. u oso ler~i wish year 2010 will be better~haha